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International Fair of Construction, Technology and Home in Panama

CAPAC Expo Habitat '09

Panama City, 16-20 of September 2009

Capac Expo Hábitat '09

Panama has experimented with an economical, social and cultural boom, that  places us as one of the forefront of Latin America. Capac Habitat is a modern international center of commerce, logistics services, finance, technology and communications.

Capac Expo Habitat 2009, is undoubtedly the best stage to expose and commercialize the products and services that our company offers, especially since it is not just visited by locals but by foreigners who wish to invest in Panama. The exposition was held from September 16th to the 20th, in the Center of Conventions in Atalapa.

Capac Expo Habitat is the commercial key of technology for construction and home, organized by Capac, in which more than 300 booths occupied close to 17.000 square meters in the Center of Conventions in Atalapa which presented their visitors the latest advancements in decorations, machinery, technology and diverse products aside from real estate projects.

The exposition was visited by over 34,800 people interested in knowing the most recent technology, products and innovations that would benefit, designers, engineers, architects, investors and the general public.

Our program is based on a digital map with a directory of various companies, and with a catalog of types of businesses that you can find in the languages, English, Spanish and Russian. SIG PANAMA (roughly translated, Geographical Information System), proudly presented itself in such an important event, capturing the attention of investors, other exposés and visitors, giving them the honor to know our latest program, which offers huge beneficial opportunities for free in commercial area.


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