Tools And Equipment Used In Catering

Tools And Equipment Used In Catering

Whether planning an intimate gathering or an epic event, proper tools and equipment can make the difference between a good and great experience. These can help you prepare and serve food efficiently and effectively. While you can certainly find various catering supplies to suit your needs, the following list should give you a good start.

Dough roller:

A dough roller is common kitchen equipment used in bakeries and restaurants. This can help you to get flatter sheets of dough. They are also useful for making pizzas and pastries.

Weighing scale:

Another useful tool is a weighing scale. The weighing scale can help you to weigh large quantities of ingredients. These can come in ounces (oz) and pounds (lbs). This can be done to determine the proper weight of a specific item or to determine if you need to buy a certain quantity of ingredients.

Food processor:

A food processor is a machine designed to make cooking easier and faster. These can cut various foods with less effort and help you save time in the long run.

Food warmer:

Consider the uses of a creative food warmer. These can be used to create a beautiful display. These are often very expensive in the early stages of a catering business, so you should wait until you’re more established before you invest in one.

Large plastic bowls for cold foods:

Other tools and equipment you may need include large plastic bowls for cold foods, chafing dishes, linens, heat lamps, and beverage dispensers. You may even need an ice machine to serve many frozen or iced beverages. These items will all depend on the service you’re planning to provide. It would help if you remembered that you would need to clean your equipment after every meal.


Other tools and equipment that might interest you include a shredder. A shredder is a metal tool that can grate carrots, cheese, okro, or even chocolate. These can be found in a wide range of shapes and sizes. These can be very useful equipment when you need to grate many items quickly.